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It lets nothing through...

...except you.

Nothing Door

Nothing Door Logo
Programming, Music, SFX, Design, Puzzles
Adam "Franky" Frank
Art, Design, Animation
Kathleen Light
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A Puzzle Game from a Dark Dimension

The Nothing Door is your only escape. But the door is picky. It lets nothing through... except you. Where will it lead you?

Nothing Door Closed

Destroy enemies

The Nothing Door has many. Will you do their dark bidding?

Screenshot 5

Think ahead

You wont get far without a plan. The door is watching.

Screenshot 6

Leave nothing behind

Your items will anger the door. Keep them away!

Screenshot 7

Full Version

  • More Devilish Levels
  • More Creepy Creatures
  • More Perplexing Items

iOS & Android Releases

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Codes sold at special events or
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Game Manual